A center for shopping and leisure, Chamelle Plaza, is considered one of the Kingdom’s leading retail spaces for women only. Founded in the 1970s by renowned businesswoman Mrs. Nahida Alfadl, it was the first commercial registration issued for a Saudi woman.

Mrs. Alfadl’s vision was to offer women picks of selected merchandise and luxury goods from different fashion capitals including the world’s most prestigious brands under one roof.

Today, Chamelle Plaza succeeds in offering a unique shopping experience to its visitors spread over its two-floor building and has evolved into a community landmark, combining fashion, health, and beauty.

Besides luxury evening wear and fashion accessories, the plaza showcases other different brands and stores including selections of leather good, jewelry, sportswear, and children wear. Placing the women’s well-being and beauty within its vision, Chamelle Salon & Club offers a distinctive fitness and pampering experience.

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